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Disposable Hand-Controlled Pencils

High Quality Accessories-disposable and re-useables.

Sterilization facilities comply with En550 Standards (Sterilization of Medical Devices Validation and Routine Contorl of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization) - a dedication to make patient safety and product quality our top priority.

Manufactured under ISO and GMP certified clean room facilities.

This product has been sterilized. Do not re-sterili or reuse.
Cautery Tip Cleaner
Packaged and sterilized, this highly abrasive pad can be used to effectively remove residues on cautery tips (electrodes)  during surgery
Patient plates
Patient plates are one of the key factors in terms of patient safety during a surgery. Disposable patient plates incorporate the more environmental friendly non-woven fabric adhesive backing rather than the traditional foam. In addition, non-woven fabric cause less perspiration on a patient's skin because it allows more airflow that foam, minimizing the chances of skin irritation.
958004-A 958005-A
Patient Plate, non woven backing
While other brands using FOAIVI as plate backing, YESNG adopts NON WOVEN FABRIC as the plate backing due to below advantages
1. Having better breathable on patient skin.
2. Less sweat on patient skin so that less irritating and allergy on skin.
3. Environment protection the shape ofYESNG’s patient plate was special designed for
Evenly diffusing HO (high frequency) current.
Reducing burning risk
Having more safety.
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